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Name of Pass/High point Region Country Height Date
High point on Acotango Oruro Bolivia 5,509m 28/8/10
Chacaltaya ski station La Paz Bolivia 5,260m 5/8/10
High point on Aucanquilcha Region II Chile 5,130m 9/7/10
Abra Azuca* Apurimac Peru 5,130m 4/11/10
Abra Loncopata* Arequipa Peru 5,119m 20/11/10
Abra Arcata Arequipa Peru 5,101m 2/11/10
Abra Huarcaya* Arequipa Peru 5,057m 19/11/10
Abra Culipampa* Arequipa Peru 5,024m 19/11/10
Abra Quenco* Arequipa Peru 5,020m 20/11/10
Abra Huacullo* Apurimac Peru 5,016m 18/11/10
Abra Condorillo Arequipa Peru 4,993m 3/11/10
Abra del Acay Salta Argentina 4,966m 6/6/10
Abra Achallaque* Arequipa Peru 4,962m 20/10/10
Pastoruri Ancash Peru 4,955m 9/7/13
Paso Sol de Mañana Potosi Bolivia 4,944m 30/6/10
Abra Viraco* Arequipa Peru 4,940m 27/11/10
Punta Olimpica Ancash Peru 4,890m 10/6/13 & 28/8/13
Abra Patapampa Arequipa Peru 4,889m 13/10/10
Abra Huamanripa* Ancash Peru 4,879m 9/7/13 & 24/8/13
Abra Ares* Arequipa Peru 4,871m 1/11/10
Abra Tolconi* Arequipa Peru 4,860m 1/11/10
Portezuelo Paranal (Paso Jama) Region II Chile 4,836m 8/12/10
Abra Canchenita Cusco Peru 4,827m 17/10/10
Punta Huarapasca Ancash Peru 4,817m 9/7/13 & 24/8/13
Abra Tisco Arequipa Peru 4,813m 17/10/10
Abra Taapaca* Region XV Chile 4,802m 15/8/10
Portachuelo de Llanganuco Ancash Peru 4,767m 6/8/13
Paso San Francisco Catamarca Argentina 4,767m 7/2/11
Abra Toroya Puno Peru 4,750m 10/10/10
Paso del Condor Potosi Bolivia 4,735m 29/6/10
Abra Tres Cruces La Paz Bolivia 4,729m 8/9/10
Abra Jachaña* Cusco Peru 4,702m 20/10/10
Abra de Viscos Arequipa Peru 4,695m 25/11/10
Abra del Gallo Salta Argentina 4,694m 13/12/10
Yanashalla Ancash Peru 4,689m 24/8/13
Paso Chungara/Tambo Quemado Region XV Chile 4,686m 15/8/10
Punta Yanashallash (trekking pass) Ancash Peru 4,683m 6/7/13
La Cumbre La Paz Bolivia 4,671m 13 & 18/9/10
Turn-off to Hito Cajon Region II Chile 4,665m 25/6/10
Paso Salar Capina* Potosi Bolivia 4,660m 2/7/10
Abra Llullita Apurimac Peru 4,658m 11/11/10
Abra Anabi* Cuzco Peru 4,654m 4/11/10
Punta Acococha* (trekking pass) Ancash Peru 4,618m 10/7/13
Cuncush Ancash Peru 4,610m 21/8/13
Abra Contonga* Ancash Peru 4,588m 8/7/13
Abra El Laco (Paso Sico) Region II Chile 4,578m 14/6/10
Abra Mina Maricunga* Region III Chile c4,561m 13/2/11
Alto Chorrillos Salta Argentina 4,555m 10/6/10
Abra Mañazo* Puno Peru 4,515m 9/10/10
Abra Veladero* La Rioja Argentina 4,487m 18/2/11
Tunel de Kahuish Ancash Peru 4,470m 25/8/13
Abra de Sey* Jujuy Argentina 4,463m 12/12/10
Abra Sico Region II Chile 4,458m 13/6/10
Abra Progreso* Apurimac Peru 4,452m 6/11/10
Laguna Llaca Ancash Peru 4,450m 03/07/13
Abra Falda Cienaga* Catamarca Argentina 4,442m 19/12/10
Alto Tomarapi* Oruro Bolivia 4,398m 29/7/10
Abra Chapoco* Region XV Chile 4,397m 13/8/10
Portezuelo de Laguna Brava La Rioja Argentina 4,379m 13/5/10 & 19/2/11
Abra de Chachacomani* Oruro Bolivia 4,365m 27/7/10 & 26/8/10
Paso Caquella* Potosi Bolivia 4,351m 4/7/10
Abra de Arizaro Salta Argentina 4,330m 11/6/10
Paso de Mojon Ancash Peru 4,291m 19/8/13
Abra Pucamaya* La Paz Bolivia 4,288m 12/8/10
Laguna Rajucolta Ancash Peru 4,278m 22/7/13
Abra Pircas Negras* Region III Chile 4,253m 17/2/11
Abra Purhuaypampa (trekking pass) Ancash Peru 4,252m 22/7/13
Abra Pacollo* La Paz Bolivia 4,240m 28/9/10
Punta Callan Ancash Peru 4,220m 23/5/13
Abra Huayllamarca* Oruro Bolivia 4,214m 1/9/10
Laguna Paron Ancash Peru 4,200m 5/6/13
Alto Apachita* Puno Peru 4,192m 3/10/10
Abra de Quiron Salta Argentina 4,182m 17/12/10
Abra Huactapa* Arequipa Peru 4,181m 21/11/10
Conococha Ancash Peru 4,117m 19/8/13
Pupash Ancash Peru 4,060m 6/9/13
Abra Acopunco Cuzco Peru 4,042m 5/11/10


* We couldn’t find a local name for these passes, so have just named them after the nearest village/mountain/salar. Please let us know if you know the real name.

Near the beginning of our South America trip we decided (reasonably arbitrarily) that to be included on this pass list a high point had to be over 4,000m and we had to have climbed at least 300m to it, and we’ve sort of stuck to this, mas o menos.

The altitudes shown are either GPS altitudes (probably accurate to about 15m), or official altitudes (where we believe these are more reliable).

Map showing the location of all passes and high points

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