Taglang La

Unbelievable indeed, being, as it is, untrue


Name of Pass Taglang La
Altitude 5,344m
Type of pass Cycle
Where Between turn-off to Tso Kar (23km, 4,640m) and Rumtse (31km, ~4,100m)
GPS Co-ords 33.508 N, 77.770 E
Climb 700m in 2 1/2 hours from Tso Kar turn-off


Another high pass that we weren’t huge fans of. The scenery is nice, but the climb from Tso Kar was spoilt by the fact that for about 20kms we were passing through road works and workers’ camp after workers’ camp. Most of these guys were friendly enough, but there were a significant number of menacing characters. Cycling up here as a single female could be quite unpleasant. The whole climb was unpaved, but there was plenty of good tarmac on the switchback descent.

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