Hor La

Climbing to Yaya Tso and the Hor La

Name of Pass Hor La
Altitude 4,936m
Type of pass Cycle
Where Between Mahe (20km, 4,200m) and Horla Dett. workers’ camp(4km, 4,840m)
GPS Co-ords 33.339 N, 78.487 E
Climb 800m in 2 1/2 hours from Mahe. 100m in 1/2 hour from Horla Dett.

┬áThis is a great little climb, up from the Indus at Mahe, past Nungompa and the spectacular Yaya (Toure) Tso. We wouldn’t really count it as a pass as it’s really just a little bump on the way to the much higher Kaksang La, but have included it here as there’s a pass sign at the top. Like with the Kaksang La, we’re not sure if foreigners are officially allowed here, but if there’s no-one to stop you…

Between Mahe and the Horla workers’ camp we saw exactly zero vehicles – always a bonus.

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