Rusi La

Nearing the Rusi La

Name of Pass Rusi La
Altitude 4,988m
Type of pass Trek – carried bikes, porters took luggage
Where Between Tikat (3,340m, 12km) and Sapi (3,780m, 9km)
GPS Co-ords 34.308 N, 76.113 E
Climb 1,800m carry/push in 1 1/2 days from Tikat


This is a tough trekking pass to take your bike over. We hired porters to carry our equipment and took our bikes ourselves, carrying them as often as we were pushing. It was a day and a half walking up from Tikat to the Rusi La, then a couple of hours descending to Sapi. We didn’t have good weather, but have heard the views are excellent if it’s clear. We though it was worth heading this way to cycle to the nice road from Sapi to Shergol, which also means avoiding a few hours on the busy Kargil – Shergol road.

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