Wari La


Climbing to the Wari La (5,312m)


Name of Pass Wari La
Altitude 5,312m
Type of pass Cycle
Where Between Agham (34km, 3,320m) and Shakti village (26km, 3,850m)
GPS Co-ords 34.108 N, 77.834 E
Climb 2,000m from Agham in 6 hours

Now here’s a good pass to cycle, and the hardest of the 5,000ers we crossed in India. The climb up from Agham has plenty of steep sections and we were grinding up in our lowest gear for quite a few hours. Only some tourist vehicles use the road, so after all the busy mountain roads in Ladakh it was refreshingly quiet. The zigzags on the south side of the pass lose height tortuously slowly (as we descended it seemed like a few of them went uphill) so it’s much quicker and more fun to bomb down the shortcuts, cutting out a good few kms to Shakti.

One thought on “Wari La

  1. David Koelle

    Crossed in 2016 after sleeping in Thangyar and also resting there for a day. Delightfully little traffic! It was a cool and cloudy late June day but still nice. The road was quite OK, no significant water hazards if I recall correctly. We had jeep support. Our local driver did a little medicinal plant collection at the summit. We stayed at a nice guest house in Shakti. Visit the Nyingma gompa in Thag Thog; nice artwork.

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