Pagina Siete Article

Here’s the output from the interview that Raul kindly arranged for us with one of Bolivia’s national papers.


3 thoughts on “Pagina Siete Article

  1. FM

    Great to know that the accuracy of reporting is the same the world over! When is the TV docudrama due out? We know the script – “oooh, that looks like a high mountain, I don’t think we’ll make it”….15,000 kms later… “well we made it (just) but it was hard and we’re not sure we can continue”… eat yer heart out McGregor.

  2. Harriet and Neil Pike

    Yeah, the lady that wrote the article didn’t actually interview us, so got a bit confused about our route…especially the bit about a train from BA to Tierra del Fuego!
    I think there’s probably already enough of those docudramas out there already to keep you entertained…

  3. Ele

    You guys this is the best thing ever! I love the pictures. So fantastic! You are simply the best – v v v well deserved!!! You will be global megadoms soon. Lots of hug, E xxx

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